“I know I could not have done this without you.” – Gina G.

“I wish I had known you when I started my business.” – Renee R.

I have learned more from you in one hour than I have in the last 10 years” – Christian J.

“I would never have gotten this far if I did not have you.”  – Stacey S.

“I’m so grateful to have you as an adviser. Your advice has guided me on quite a successful journey!”  – Allison C.

Learn about Allison’s success story and how ASBC helped her business succeed.

Our country was founded on the principals of opportunity, hard work, and small business.  Here at ASBC we have not forgotten our roots and the passion it takes to succeed as a small business owner.  From planning basics to entrepreneurial tools, American Small Business Centers is a leading provider of small business advising, education and guidance that works!!!

ASBC provides the following capabilities for you, the business owner:

  • Start up businesses – the guidance required to start a business with the correct funding sources, the optimal organizational structure, the correct resources and professionals every business needs, and the oversight to give the new business owner an experienced advisor to help them make decisions and choices.
  • Experienced business owners – the guidance to evaluate all facets of their business, the optimal business structure for where their business is currently and in the future, an analysis of all of their professionals and resources currently used to operate their business, and a board of advisers like a large corporation uses to discuss ideas with and to get invaluable feedback, accountability, and networking introductions to potential business opportunities.
  • Government contracting opportunities – The guidance to understand if government contacting is right for the business, the structure required to be listed within the different levels of government procurement, the ability to craft proposals for contracting opportunities, the advice required for management of the contracting opportunity, GSA schedules if it makes sense to do so, and the professionals needed to comply with audit and performance requirements.

ASBC is the experience base needed by business owners today to make sense out of all of the business tools that are continually expanding to meet today’s challenges.

Discover how you can achieve:

  • Success in your business.
  • Financial independence.
  • Personal fulfillment.
  • Accelerated business growth.

How you benefit:

  • Make Dynamic Connections: Partner with local professionals that complement your business.
  • Draw From Local Expertise: Our small business consultants and professionals are from your Cincinnati area!
  • Learn From Individuals & Groups: 4 hours of extensive business experience focused on just you and your business per month.
  • Have a personal coach and mentor: Get individual help that is focused on just you and your business.

We tailor each part of our business programs to your business. We identify what needs improvement and where you should to take risks.

The market for entrepreneurship and new business start ups continues to grow. So does the drive to exceed your own expectations.

No matter your current state, ASBC meets you there.

You’ve got an important decision to make. So don’t hesitate to contact us today and schedule your initial business coaching session.

We work in your business so you can work on your business. Thank you for choosing us.

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