8 Basic Business Rules

8 Basic Business RulesHere are 8 basic business rules that I repeat on a weekly basis.

  1. If you do not have the backing of a home for the business do not start.
  2. If your friends do not support your business get new friends.
  3. If your family does not support your business you should still love them, just love them from a distance.
  4. Only hire professionals to work with you in your business if they will be a part of your business.
  5. Positive people get positive results.  Negative people get what they ask for.
  6. Lift as you climb.  Mentor another young person who will take your place one day.  Leave this world better than you found it.
  7. At the end of the day it is more important to be able to look at your reflection in the mirror without getting sick than to make a lot of money.
  8. If you disagree with the above then do not work with me.

ASBC is a safe haven for all things business and some things not business.  My business owners do not try and tackle new problems on their own anymore, they call me.  It is handled together, handled by a professional, or met head on by me. If you agree with these 8 basic business rules, and are serious about making your business a success, then I look forward to meeting you. Contact me today for a consultation.

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