ASBC University is Coming!!!

ASBC has been around for three and one half years now.  This brings my total years of business building, counseling, advising and consulting to ten.  Over these last ten years I have learned a few things:

  1. Business entrepreneurs will always find a way to start a business even if it will kill them.
  2. Business owners do not know what they do not know.
  3. Future and present business owners and entrepreneurs that get some business education before or during the operation of their business tend to stay in business.
  4. Working with a professional business advisor always yields positive results, even if it is closing the business without losing your life savings, home, or marriage.

To that end ASBC is combining forces with Red212 and Bare Knuckle Digital to bring business education to all business owners and entrepreneurs here in the Tri-State area.  The classes themselves will bring business basics like: writing a business plan, what really needs to be accomplished before opening a business, buy a building or rent a space, digital verses brick and mortar, and finance.  The instruction will combine the experience ASBC has gained over the years with professionals from our local community that have the same passion for building business owners who want to build businesses.

The first in this series will cover the digital marketing that is available to all businesses.  It will be “soup to nuts” on how to go about building hype and interest in your upcoming business, how to maintain the interest in what you have built, and how to promote yourself using all of the many tools available to you online including social media.  Topics to be covered at the first and subsequent events span the following:

Overview / Marketing Basics:

  • What is digital marketing?
  • How do the search engines work?
  • What is SEO and how does that help my website?
  • Integrating digital and traditional strategies
  • Myths and Facts – know the difference
  • How to identify your USP
  • How to gain visibility in your local market
  • Blogging – why you should do it, and how
  • Elements of a Successful Marketing Plan
  • Why an integrated marketing approach works better than just implementing one strategy

Our own Allison Chaney of Bare Knuckle Digital, a 16 year veteran of the digital marketing world, will be doing the presentations.  We will also incorporate other professionals who are in our local area for their expertise.  The goal is not only to educate, introduce new ideas, or dispel old beliefs, but to also then give the attendees the tools and access to professionals they need in order to take the learning points back into their businesses.

Classes are now forming for July 28th!

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Be a part of the elite group of businesses who will learn first hand from industry experts how to make their business a great success!

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