Women’s Self Defense Course

In this day and age you would think that many of us have taken steps to be aware of our surroundings and have taken steps to secure ourselves from violence or attack. Sadly this is not the case for many of the women business owners I work with. Self defense takes on all forms of acts and actions. Probably the most important of these is the belief that a woman can defend herself. I have heard many … [Read more...]

Stopping Generational Poverty with Your Business

We as business owners actually hold the key to making our communities a better place to live, work, and to raise our families. It is such a simple idea that I am at a loss as to why it is not being discussed by our community leaders and local government leaders. Generational poverty has gotten a real foothold in this country in the last few years. Support for those in this situation has gotten … [Read more...]

Women and Self Protection

This is a difficult topic to try and write about from a man’s point of view.  I was raised to think that protection of my family was the husband’s responsibility.  As I am working with more and more women business owners I am realizing that there are many times and places where women are on their own with no one around to help them in situations where they have to protect themselves.  Women need … [Read more...]

Try and learn from your own mistakes. First learn why you made them.

Have you ever made a mistake?  One of the first things I do when I make a mistake is figure out “What did I learn from that?”  More importantly, how did I make this mistake and why did I not recognize I was making it? If you got out of bed this morning chances are you will make a mistake.  If you own your own business I can guarantee you will make a mistake and plenty of them.  Hopefully you will … [Read more...]

Scam Artists and Con Men

"Evil is everywhere.  Evil people rely on the inherent goodness of mankind to ply their trade."  -Tom Lunney  I have been asked by a number of the business owners I work with about different scams with which they are being bombarded.  Money is getting tight, so the con artists and scammers are getting more creative.  Let me take you on a journey I hope you are not familiar with in any way, shape, … [Read more...]

The Impact of the Affordable Care Act for 2015

By Carol Venn The Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare" or the "ACA") has a bunch of provisions that are kicking in this year that will definitely affect your tax return.  Please share this information with your friends and colleagues.  There very well may be some ugly surprises for people who are not aware of some of these challenges. This upcoming year (2015) will be the first year that ALL taxpayers … [Read more...]

Business Owners Will Be Getting Another Rebate Check From Ohio Worker’s Compensation

Just like last year, Ohio Governor John R. Kasich announced that there will be another rebate check sent to Ohio employers.  This years  rebate will be another percentage of the 2013 payments made by Ohio employers just like the checks received last year. If approved by the BWC Board of Directors, eligible private and public employers would receive a rebate equal to 60 percent of premiums paid … [Read more...]

Network and Celebrate Healthy Living

  Join us July 31st from 6pm-8pm at the Centennial Barn, as we celebrate healthy living by building healthy relationships.   At this year's Summer Networking Event we invite you to celebrate your health while creating new healthy relationships. This summer's networking event will be sponsored by Leah E McCullough, HealthSavor, and Bare Knuckle Digital. Leah, the author of Freedom From … [Read more...]

Independence Day Celebration 2014

 We as a nation of independent and free people love our Independence Day celebration.  Every July 4th we have family cookouts, fireworks displays, and usually a day off for most of us. Another small group of Americans celebrate the day in a different way.  These are our countrymen who have served our country in some form of Armed Forces service.  Only those of us who made this decision and came … [Read more...]

My Health Insurance Was Cancelled. Why?

Situation: A wave of canceled policies - primarily for people in the individual insurance market exchanges and whose plans are now considered sub-optimal under the new health care law's coverage standards - have prompted public outrage over the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) and toward the president who many believe broke promises to Americans that they would be able to keep their plans if they … [Read more...]