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When we begin working with any business ASBC always looks at the type of customer that would be most beneficial to the business. We diagnose if the business could benefit from any type of certifications, locations, or registrations. Sometimes all three align themselves in one business and we highly encourage the business owner to spend the money, make the effort, and then pursue the opportunity. This just paid off in a large way for a bio hazard company we have been working with!


  1. The business is woman-owned.
  2. The business is unique as to the service they provide.
  3. The business owner was willing to become Woman’s Business Enterprise certified.
  4. The business was registered in the federal contract database – System for Award Management (SAM).
  5. The business registered themselves with Dun and Bradstreet.
  6. The business made sure that all registrations were current.
  7. The business created a capability statement.


A federal parks officer contacted the bio cleanup business directly and asked if they would travel to do a clean up job for them. They were found in SAM because they were the only woman owned bio clean up business listed in the entire database! The fact that the clean up firm was certified as woman-owned made the tipping difference in making the contact.

Just registering within any level of government registry is not a guarantee of contract business. ASBC encourages those businesses where it makes sense to register and actively pursue contract work. City, County, State, and Federal governments buy everything and need every service offered by small businesses in this country.

The SBA, in concert with the Urban League and PTAC, are sponsoring an event entitled Women Winning Contracts on September 17, 2013, at the Oscar Center in Fairfield, Ohio. This promises to be a great event for giving women-owned businesses all of the information they will need about getting started in government business pursuits, opportunities, and registrations. For more information on this event, go to this link:

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