Business Down? The One Solution You Never Dreamed Of

Many of us would never consider doing business with the very entity we think is costing us more money.

Or is it?Government Contracting Cincinnati

While, the government has always been under numerous investigations and suffered public scrutiny as a result, it presents some very interesting and profitable opportunities for businesses willing to put up with a few irritations.

As reported in the New York Times and in conjunction with a study conducted by the Project On Government Oversight (POGO), the majority of government contractors are earning more than their internal counterparts.

What’s the catch? Well, there’s no catch, but the process has its hiccups.

As our next few posts will follow, we’ll show you the advantages of working under Uncle Sam and the steps to get you started. It all begins with appearance.

First, your business must become visible. To do this, arm yourself with time, patience and expert guidance. Navigating the laws of government land is no cakewalk, so get a seasoned professional who’s savvy with the ins and outs to help you.

At American Small Business Centers, we’ve partnered with the Southwest Central Ohio Procurement Assistance Center (SWCO PTAC). SWCO gives technical assistance to the Ohio companies who want to enter the government market (think: local, state, and federal levels).

The cost is low: If the introduction is set up by us (ASBC), it’s FREE for an initial meeting. We prepare you by giving you expert advice on persuing these types of opportunities.

You’ll learn about dealing with the government, the requirements for being an actual provider and all of the different codes you need in order to be found.

Yes, the process is lengthy and we’ll help walk you through it. Give us a call to schedule your FREE consultation.

There’s NO COMMITMENT required. So it’s worth an hour of your time to find out how you can take advantage of these unique opportunities.

Check back next week as we look at Part II, Visibility 101: Becoming A Government Contractor.

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