Business Owners Will Be Getting Another Rebate Check From Ohio Worker’s Compensation

Business Owners To Get Rebate Check FromJust like last year, Ohio Governor John R. Kasich announced that there will be another rebate check sent to Ohio employers. 

This years  rebate will be another percentage of the 2013 payments made by Ohio employers just like the checks received last year.

If approved by the BWC Board of Directors, eligible private and public employers would receive a rebate equal to 60 percent of premiums paid during the July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013 policy year (calendar year 2012 for public employers).

The proposal will be presented to the board at its August meeting, and if approved in its September meeting, BWC could begin issuing checks as early as October.

Eligible employers must be in good standing and have paid their January 1 to June 30 premiums.

This is just another example of how doing business in Ohio has been very beneficial for employers.

Remember, this rebate will be considered as income to the business.  Please consult your tax preparer for how to properly record this payment into your Chart of Accounts and how taxes on this amount should be handled.

Please click the link to view the Ohio press release: Another Billion Back August 2014

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