Case Studies – Do It Yourself Social Media Marketing for Business


Many of the businesses I work with are on a budget and are watching all of their expenses. One of the items they believe they can do themselves or at least get started doing themselves is the social media marketing. This involves using a  combination of the available social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. These should be used as a combination of professional and personal  pages along with their web page, and should work in concert with each other. While I do agree that it is easy to start some type of presence for all of these marketing outlets there are some considerations you should analyze first.


1. Social media works best when the different parts of your entire marketing strategy support each other.
2. A web page is essential for your business. It marks you as actually being a business and increases your chances of being found by consumers that need your services.
3. Social media sites are for engaging, and your website is for marketing. Each one has a different purpose, and a different message.
4. Activity on your web site and your social media outlets needs to be updated on a frequent and consistent basis.
5. Google does have a library of tools and instructions to help you use all of these tools effectively.
6. The search engines pay attention to social signals such as positive sentiment and network engagement, and your site will rank better if your social signals are strong.
7. You MUST have a strategy plan.


If the business owner I am working with is insistent on trying to make a go of social media marketing themselves I usually send them to the Google and Your Business blog spot site. I also encourage them to use the Google Analytics web site. This will allow them to do an analysis of how effective their marketing efforts are and will show areas they need to concentrate on for improvement of performance. After about two weeks of trying out the “DIY Social Media” method, most business owners decide they need some help in making all of this work and I refer them to Allison Kulage, owner of Bare Knuckle Marketing. She does all of my marketing for me and has actually turned our efforts into money.

Company Bio:

Bare Knuckle Marketing is a woman owned small business that specializes in Digital Marketing Strategies, including SEO and social media marketing. Owner Allison Kulage has over 14 years experience in making marketing dollars work for her clients. She combines proven techniques with the latest search engine updates to ensure her clients stay at the top of their game.


  1. Your post is right on about the complexities of social media marketing. We have been working on ours for over a year, and the learning curve has been steep. If you are willing to put the time and effort in it does eventually begin to pay off. Once you’ve got things chugging along, things only get better and better. There are no quick ways to accomplish a strong social media marketing strategy. I can see why many of your small business clients end up asking for help!

    • Tom Lunney says:

      I agree with Mary. You can eventually teach yourself some of the basics of social media marketing and can make a go of it. I do not encourage businesses to follow that route. It is time consuming, expensive, and can cause more problems than it is worth. The requirements and means of test ability that are used by search engines changes faster than you would think. I would recommend starting out with a consultant who can lay out a plan for you and help monitor it along the way. That keeps initial investment cost to a minimum and allows for growth into using a full time marketing and SEO professional as your business grows. I can tell you from personal experience that companies I work with experience an accelerated growth process using this idea.

  2. Excellent article Tom. As someone who does 75% of her own marketing. I find it a struggle to balance what I think I should be doing and what I am doing. Unfortunately, time is precious and Clients come first, so the DIY marketing falls low on the “to do list.” I think I will call Bare Knuckle Marketing to see if they do Real Estate Marketing. Thanks for the referral.