Case Studies – I need to Organize my Customer Relations Data


Many of my small business clients have the need to keep track of their client and customer lists.  I have a new client who needs an ability to organize lists of potential clients form different spreadsheets, email systems, and forms.  Most Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are cumbersome to use and cost upwards to $150 per user license to buy and install on their office computers.  They need a system that will be accessible from multiple locations, be able to handle inputs from a multiple of sales people, be accessible from their smart phones, and be scalable to support their business as it grows.


  1. System needs to be flexible enough to allow for expansion of requirements.
  2. System need to be simple to use.
  3. System needs to be customizable for their individual business needs.
  4. System needs to be assessable from any number of devices capable of connecting to the internet.
  5. System needs to be affordable.
  6. System needs to be from a company that will be around.


ASBC endorses the use of the CRM system for the majority of its small business clients. operates in the cloud and is platform independent.  Access to the data can be through any Internet connection, as well as via smart phones.  The platform also has thousands of free and paid applications that integrate with, and provide functions such as integration with QuickBooks, creation of bids by construction companies, POS integration, marketing, and a host of other possibilities. Group Edition starts at $15.00 per user per month.  Importation of customer and supplier data from a multiple of sources is easily done with  Best of all, if you have any questions or needs hands on help with your beginning or continued use of we have Jeff Susich (, a registered partner with He is local to the Cincinnati area, and he can be hired to work with you on any and all of your needs.  Presently he is working with one of my clients to integrate capabilities into her new online ordering and invitation application.  Because of Jeff’s in-depth knowledge of how operates he is saving my client thousands of dollars in development costs simply by showing her how to export data within that is integrating directly to her application.

Company Bio

Jeff Susich is an Electrical Engineer that has wide-ranging business experience in sales, marketing, customer support, and call centers. He has been in startups and Fortune 1000 companies, and understands how to best configure for a particular business.

He has been instrumental in getting many small business across the country to leverage to support all their sales, support, marketing, and other business needs.   Jeff prefers the challenges of working with small business and in exceeding their expectations.  Located in Loveland, Jeff travels around the Tri State extensively getting businesses started with  He is also a resource partner with ASBC and a trusted agent.