Case Studies – No One Can Find Me


A supplement representative was noticing that she could not be found using most search engines unless her specific product was used in the web based search. She has been in business for over 7 years and has done a good business up to this point. Again, she felt now was a good time to try and expand her reach of clients and associates and yet she was puzzled as to how to go about this:


1. Business was increasing in both the number of clients, gross sales, and associates under management.
2. Product acceptance is at an all time high for the local market.
3. Marketing was limited to afterhours events not specifically designed for networking (church, PTA meetings, and social events).
4. Social media was not being used effectively. Had a web and Facebook page that was not used or updated on a regular basis. Did not possess the educational background to use or develop these mediums effectively.
5. Was time limited by other family and personal requirements.


There are several companies and professionals that are fee based that can take care of this situation. We decided that an ability to increase being found over the net was the first order of business to be followed by an increased use of social media postings and web development. This led to the decision to engage Stephanie Haschenburger ([email protected]) of RevLocal ( to initiate her local search marketing talents for getting this company and owner recognized within the Google search framework and to work on the development of the required places presence. We will also be working with Allison Kulage ([email protected]) of Bare Knuckle Marketing ( for SEO strategy and social media marketing content. The business owner will also begin networking at events that are designed for networking professionals. She has also begun speaking at different venues about herself, her own success story, and how to experience the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. This has already reaped positive rewards in an increase in customer base and the additional of a new business associate.