Case Studies – The Home Based Business


A good number of businesses start out in the home as more of a hobby than as a serious business. As the home based business is more and more successful, the house begins being taken over by the business needs instead of the family needs. It becomes easier and easier to work on the business than spend time with children or your spouse. This works in the beginning, however it soon leads to family dysfunction, fatigue, and a sense of the glass ceiling as you can only expand so much before space becomes an issue.


1. The home based business is becoming more successful.
2. The time and space requirements of the business are slowly encroaching on family needs.
3. A growth limit is reached and cannot be exceeded at home.
4. The business has grown to the point where an employee is needed.
5. The UPS delivery van knows the neighborhood by heart.


In our area we have several Small Business Development Centers. BizTech in Hamilton, Ohio, was the solution for this family business requirement. ( This office space cost the business owner $350.00 a month and included power, water, and other utilities. Office desks, chairs, filing cabinets and other furniture are also available at no additional cost. A business address and mailbox is provided for each tenant. A trained staff member is also available during business hours to greet guests and direct them to your business as well as accept packages when you are away.

This has been the perfect solution for giving the family back their residence, giving the business owner a defined time and place for doing business, and has great growth potential as more space becomes a requirement.