Case Study – How to Communicate Effectively in Business

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To say that business has changed in the last 10 years would be a wild understatement.  The internet is here to stay and so are all of the new devices, methods, and opportunities that come with it.  The biggest problem with all of the devices and capabilities is that they all combine to give instant access to anyone you want to reach, and it sets up the expectation of an instant response.


  1. In the old days you dialed a phone number or sent a letter.
  2. Now clients or customers can call or message your office phone, your cell phone, or your hand held device.
  3. Email has replaced regular mail as a means of instant access.  Texting is replacing email as the standard way to communicate with people.  Our social media interfaces also allow for direct communication with people.
  4. Web pages are up 24/7 so that current and future clients can find out all about you and your company.  Your postings that are placed on LinkedIn can also be accessed by anyone in order to find out more about you and about who endorses you as a business professional.


First off, hire a professional to make sure all of the available information about you and your company is homogeneous and supports the information (or marketing) you want others to know about you.  Second, set limits on how you will respond to communication.  You can use the automatic features of email platforms that will respond to any email you receive with an acknowledgement of receipt and a statement that you usually answer emails within 24 hours of receipt.  This assures the sender that you received the email and gives them the warm fuzzy that you will respond.  Third, set up your voice mail with your name, name of your company, and ask clients to leave you a short message.  State that you usually return phone calls within 24 hours so that again you are setting a level of expectation.  You need to decide if you will respond to private messages on Google or Facebook since they are difficult to archive for future reference.

Let it be known what your communication boundaries consist of and then stick with that plan.  If you are so popular that you get constant interruptions from all of your devices, then hire a company to intercept all of your incoming communications and to sort them out for you.  These companies are not cheap but they are worth their weight in gold for the very busy business owner!

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