Case Study – How Does ASBC Accelerate Businesses?


Recently ASBC started working with a business owner who had been working in her home for over 10 years. The business was actually more of a hobby, and the owner realized that she was stuck in a rut of doing all of the administration, financial accounting, customer relations, sales, and manufacturing of her promotions business. We met her at a BNI meeting and immediately recognized that she needed ASBC business advising to work in her business so she could work on her business. She needed to accelerate her business.


1. She had no formal processes in place for order following, fulfillment or invoicing.
2. Inventory was stacked in boxes all over the house and garage.
3. The business owner’s home life was being dominated by her work life.
4. Promotional items were being either manufactured or produced as requested by customers. However, all of the knowledge of each order was being maintained in the head of the business owner so repeat orders took a long while to complete as she had to try and remember each order.
5. When a phone call for any order was received it was written down on whatever piece of paper was handy and stuffed into a purse or a bag.


It was very obvious that she needed to move out of her house and set up a business location for the expansion of her business. BizTech in Hamilton, Ohio, was the local SBDC and was the economical solution for this problem. Next, all of the inventory and manufacturing equipment needed to be moved into the new business space which freed up a lot of space in the family home. It also caused an inventory of every promotional piece to be easily accomplished. Then, there were files, processes, and procedures that needed to be created, instigated, and accomplished. Linda Bee, the ASBC Analyst, stepped in and worked side by side with the business owner to bring order to the business. Linda also began registrations of the business into the System for Award Management (SAM) for federal contracting purposes, Women’s Business Enterprise (WBENC) for certification as a woman owned small business for contracts with our new casino and larger businesses, and Ohio Administrative Knowledge System (OAKS) in preparation for the Ohio Business Matchmaker 2013. Currently ASBC is working to prepare the capability statement for the business and will escort her to the  two day matchmaking event in March.

If you currently own a home based business, this story may sound familiar to you. Outgrowing your business can be exciting and exhausting. If you need to bring order to your business, and you are ready to accelerate your business to the next level, then working with ASBC may be just the solution you need! Contact us today for a free consultation if you’re ready to take the next step!