Case Study – I am not sure if I can start my own business


Client had 12 years experience in doing her life’s career and yet was not sure of her ability to be in her own business.  The fears were typical – could I get clients, can I operate my own business, how do I get started, where do I find employees, and how do I record the finances for the business.  She was taking training and instruction in business requirements from Bad Girl Ventures and yet again doubted herself.


1. Client had 12 years experience in doing SEO work.
2. Client had established clientele who would continue to work with her.
3. Client did not have a non-compete agreement with her current employer.
4. Client had sought out business advice before and yet had not been given the steps she needed to start her own business.
5. Client had little funds to start her business and little knowledge of what the start up would actually cost her.
6. Client had never been told “you can do this”.


Client was cornered at lunch and had the riot act explained to her about doubting herself.  “You can do this” was what she remembered most.  Then she got solid business advice from her new advisor as to exactly what steps needed to be taken to start and run her business.  Because her new advisor worked with her in her business she was able to concentrate on her business.  The result was she had a profitable first year and is on track to have a very profitable second year.  She was able to secure financing because of her affiliation with Bad Girl Ventures which was spent on start up equipment, training, and build out of her new office location.  She has hired and fired employees, started and lost contracts, figured out how to manage her finances, and is on her way to becoming a powerhouse of the local Cincinnati economy by turning SEO techniques and procedures into money for her clients.

The client is Allison Kulage, proud owner of Bare Knuckle Marketing (, and she is my marketing department.  Her rapid success is due to the fact she is able to concentrate her main efforts on working on her business while ASBC works behind the scenes working in her business.  This combination is allowing her to become more successful than she at first imagined and she will continue to be so.