Case Study – Ohio Is Serious About Working with Business Owners


Whenever any business owner anywhere in the United Sates gets a visit from any level of government agency, it usually means there will be some type of inspection, fine, and payment for the business owner. Here in Ohio we have a very proactive state government that wants to hear from each and every business owner who is questioning any type of inspection, rule, or law that just does not make sense for conducting business in the state.


1. A store owner recently was notified of a reclassification of one of his employees from being an administrative to being a sales person. The administrative person was asked by an inspector (who did not identify themselves as such) to sell a part that was needed. To give the expected great customer service, the administrative person stepped off of her carpet, got the part, and took the transaction. Result – a reclassification and an $1800 fine.
2. A salad making firm was using a particular wine to make their salads. They had to buy it by the bottle as existing law would not allow for bulk purchasing. A call to the Common Sense Initiative brought this problem to the attention of the state and the law was amended to allow for bulk purchase of alcoholic beverages for manufacturing purposes.
3. A bar owner had recently purchased a restaurant property that was not doing well. The property had a liquor license already approved for use within the facility. After doing considerable reconstruction to the inside and outside of the restaurant and turning it into a local sports bar the owner was informed by the state that there was a problem with the liquor license and the issuance of the license would be delayed. This was three days before the scheduled opening. The regional representative of the Lt Gov office was alerted to the problem and using the Common Sense initiative the license was issued on opening day.


ASBC recommends that business owners let their local representatives know of problems being caused by inspections, agencies, rules, laws, or regulations that do not make sense and interfere with the execution of legal and lawful business. The Ohio Business Gateway has a resource where by business owners can be kept informed about business topics that affect their businesses. The Common Sense Initiative should be utilized anytime there is a problem with getting daily business accomplished for whatever. ASBC works closely with the Lt. Governor’s office through our local representative Lisa Hayes. Lisa has worked with several local businesses to help overcome problems that could have resulted in the closing of a business.

Company Profile:

Lisa Hayes is our Southwest Ohio Regional Representative for the Office of Lt. Governor Mary Taylor, CPA. Lisa’s office is located at 77 South High Street, 30th Floor, Columbus, OH 43215. Her office phone is 614-357-2502. The best way to reach her is via email at [email protected]. More information on the Common Sense Initiative can be found at