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As her father lay in his hospital bed dying of a brain trauma, Robin felt helpless. This is what all of us feel when we have a loved one who is slipping away from us. Robin is also a fighter and a believer in the cause of proper nutrition giving the body a fighting chance to heal itself. This is why she was horrified when she read the ingredients on the can of liquid feeding tube formula she was feeding her dad. As a trained Holistic Health and Wellness Consultant and as the previous owner of an organic restaurant in Dayton, Ohio, Robin knew there was a better way to feed real food to a feeding tube patient.


1. Most feeding tube formularies contain several different types of sugars and high fructose corn syrups.
2. Research has shown that cancers feed best in an acidic environment which is what a sugar rich diet produces.
3. As humans we need food. This needs to be real food which is what this product is made from.


Anyone who has a loved one and who has been using Liquid Hope for the last few years has seen dramatic changes in the patient’s health. Robin hears stories frequently about her customers, things such as they have stopped losing weight, have gotten their color back, have improved digestion, etc. In the case of Robin’s father, he improved enough to leave his hospital bed to live for three more glorious years. She believes that healthy real food, along with the many other modalities they were able to offer him greatly improved physical health.

I would encourage people who have used Liquid Hope to continue telling their stories. Robin has already sold out of the first two production runs of her feeding tube formula Liquid Hope, and will be taking orders for her third production run as soon as her web site is updated with the production run date. I predict this will be sold out by the end of the first week when orders begin as she has a waiting list of over 100 individuals as well as some medical facilities.

Nominated for a NEXTY

Robin is slowly building a case about the benefits of the only organic feeding tube formula on the market. This product, which is the is the brain child of a daughter who did not want her father to die. If you want to know more about Liquid Hope and Robin look at her website at

Liquid Hope was also nominated for a NEXTY award! NEXTY nominations were given to 61 companies at Expo West 2013 that the NEXT Forecast 2013 experts see as the key leaders and influencers shaping the future of the natural products landscape. Please help by clicking here and voting for Functional Formularies under the Natural, Organic and Functional Foods and Beverages column.

Company Bio:

Nutritional Medicinals LLC originated in the quiet and beautiful countryside of Wilmington, Ohio. The company was founded by Robin Gentry McGee who over the past several decades has developed a vast knowledge of the functional food model. It was only natural for Robin to use her experience and knowledge to help her father and herself when faced with life–threatening health issues. After experiencing positive results, she is more determined than ever to make it easier for others by taking the guesswork out of choosing healthy foods. You can contact Robin at [email protected].

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