Case Study – The Building of Curate Boutique for Courtney


Courtney Pegan is building a new women’s clothing and accessories boutique in the Hyde Park Square district of Cincinnati, Ohio.

After finding a location for Curate Boutique, applying for the lease, negotiating the lease, and signing her lease, she is now ready for the next step, namely, the rehabilitation and build out of her new store. Not all is as it seems as she surveys the interior of her new space and begins to envision the completed boutique. A few considerations follow.


1. Budget. What needs to be built now with the stated budget and what can be added on later?
2. What will be revealed when the slot board comes off the walls?
3. Is the floor as even as it needs to be for the new flooring?
4. Who should she hire to do the construction?
5. What surprises await?


Courtney asked ASBC to recommend a contractor for her to use for this construction project. After several bids were offered she settled on one and the destruction began. And through every phase of this project, from destruction to new construction ASBC is keeping a close watch in order to keep surprises to a minimum.

Courtney is on track for her opening of Curate Boutique in April 2013, and the construction project has stayed on budget. The uneven floor issue has been resolved by the builder and the new floor will be installed last in order to protect the finish. She now makes a daily walk through of all the construction and understands exactly how the contractor is handling the build out of the space. This process keeps surprises to a minimum while maximizing her imagination of what the finished space will look like.

ASBC is talking to Courtney on a weekly basis to answer all concerns and to recommend other professionals she will need to complete her construction. She is able to work on her business because ASBC is working in her business to bring the right people to her as she needs them. This is boosting her confidence in the building project because she knows ASBC has her back.

Courtney shares more of her progress on her Facebook page so be sure to “Like” Curate Boutique.