Case Study – Working the Ohio Business Matchmaking event with my Business Clients


As you read this I am at the Dayton Convention Center in Dayton, Ohio, working with a half dozen of my client business owner’s introducing them to government and commercial buyers of their products or services. At last count there are over 150 commercial purchasing agents and government buyers who are giving 10 minute time slots to all of my clients to discuss doing business with them. If you are not here you are missing out on a great opportunity to increase your client base. If you are here and did not prepare properly for this event you will still be missing out on a great opportunity.


1. The Ohio Department Services Agency, the Small Business Administration, and the Ohio Procurement Technical Assistance Center are all responsible sponsoring this event.
2. The buyers and purchasing agents represent federal, state, county, and local government agencies that are looking for small business providers of product and services.
3. Commercial companies like Cardinal Health, Columbus State Community College, Danis Building Construction Co, General Dynamics Information Technology, and the University of Cincinnati are represented here.
4. Buyers and sellers are matched up using the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code system.
5. Each small business is given 10 minutes in which to make contact with the buyers in a controlled environment with no interruptions.
6. Each small business needs to have a capability statement that they will use as their introduction and leave behind with all of the buyers they have appointments with on both days.


ASBC has worked for the last two months to prepare our clients for the Ohio Business Matchmaking event so they will get the maximum benefit for their time there. We had refined capability statements, registered with the federal and state government websites, rehearsed elevator speeches, refined the elevator speech, and addressed proper dress and foot wear (concrete floors for two days). When appropriate we have obtained certifications, processed applications, and sat side by side with our clients during interviews. To ensure success for our clients, ASBC is going to be at the Matchmaking event and will be with our clients for their first appointments to make sure everything goes smoothly.

We will also be staying at the event all day both days to again address anything that comes up during any of the appointments and to attend several training seminars that are being presented there.

If this is the type of business advising you desire let us know. We are working in ALL of our client’s businesses so they can all work ON their businesses. This has already assured accelerated success, higher profits, and faster growth that they can achieve on their own.

Our clients have an average of 18 appointments scheduled with buyers at this event. Are you able to meet and have permission to talk to 18 different customers who are looking to do business with you? If not then we need to talk.