Sexual Harassment is Still a Problem

I was asked by a business owner the other day what should be done about a sexual harassment problem one of the sales people had happen to her on a sales call. The sales person was calling on local businesses as were her job duties in order to secure business from them. I will not say what type of business nor who this is as I have promised confidentiality. The sales call was a follow-up to a … [Read more...]

Special Year End Business Considerations for 2015

This end of year consideration blog is very different from past years.  Business owners are now on the hook for reporting more than ever and employers and employees alike have many more considerations than last year. Mandatory Affordable Care Act reporting starts next month.  Do not do this alone!!!  Usually the folks from accounting or tax area of the employer, HR, and someone from payroll do not … [Read more...]

The Impact of the Affordable Care Act for 2015

By Carol Venn The Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare" or the "ACA") has a bunch of provisions that are kicking in this year that will definitely affect your tax return.  Please share this information with your friends and colleagues.  There very well may be some ugly surprises for people who are not aware of some of these challenges. This upcoming year (2015) will be the first year that ALL taxpayers … [Read more...]

The Gift

As we approach the holiday season business owners begin struggling with how to “recognize” the holidays and not be offensive to anyone.  This includes me as I do not want to spread any type of uneasy feelings to others.  Everyone has this problem and everyone handles it in their own way.  Plus there is the expense factor in what you can actually afford to send or do for those who are important to … [Read more...]

Who is the boss?

Situation Recently I have been getting a lot of business owners who are trying to figure out how to work with their employees. It seems that their employees have become unruly, make snide remarks, and do not respect their managers or bosses. This can be contributed to a lot of reasons. However, the bottom line is this - if you are the boss you cannot put up with this type of behavior even one time … [Read more...]

My Health Insurance Was Cancelled. Why?

Situation: A wave of canceled policies - primarily for people in the individual insurance market exchanges and whose plans are now considered sub-optimal under the new health care law's coverage standards - have prompted public outrage over the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) and toward the president who many believe broke promises to Americans that they would be able to keep their plans if they … [Read more...]

Navigating the ACA Website

          Situation: It is now common knowledge that the website for the new Affordable Care Act or ACA (also known as "Obamacare") has had its share of problems and difficulties since launching on October 1, 2014. How are our citizens that are directly affected by these difficulties supposed to cope with this new health insurance requirement? Analysis: The … [Read more...]

Independent Contractors versus Employees

States, the IRS and the DOL are focused on the classification of workers.   With permission from Jeff Matthews, CPA, CGMA         Thirty states have worker classification rules and they believe they are missing out on state income tax revenue and workers compensation fees.  They also believe that workers are being left uncovered for unemployment purposes.  These efforts … [Read more...]

Employers: Oct 1, 2013 Requirements under the ACA

Situation: The Affordable Care Act still requires all business owners to inform their employees about the creation of the Health Care Exchange system before October 1, 2013. This requirement is mandatory for employers whether they offer health care insurance or not. It also does not matter if you have 1099 or W-2 employees. This is also mandatory for all employers regardless of … [Read more...]

Case Study – How Do You Let an Employee Go?

Situation: Every business owner has had to assess an employee and has made the decision that the employee, for whatever reason, should be let go. Obviously, there are good ways to do this and not so good ways of doing this. I have had to do this several times in my employer history and I never enjoyed the experience. However, I have learned several things that need to be considered when this … [Read more...]