The Magic of Marrying Video and Marketing

I am working with Stacey Sparks-Huff to market her new online wedding gown business, Belle Curvy Couture.  She specializes in plus size gowns, and has designed her own line of gowns that she is offering exclusively through her store and online company. One of the smart things we did was to hire digital marketing specialist, David Perleberg of Rep Empire, Inc.  He suggested we do a video of Stacey … [Read more...]

The Gift

As we approach the holiday season business owners begin struggling with how to “recognize” the holidays and not be offensive to anyone.  This includes me as I do not want to spread any type of uneasy feelings to others.  Everyone has this problem and everyone handles it in their own way.  Plus there is the expense factor in what you can actually afford to send or do for those who are important to … [Read more...]

How to Value Your Business

Situation: Most business owners will want to someday pass their business on to their families or sell it outright. But how do you value a business? What is the actual worth of all of the blood, sweat, and tears you have put into your business over the years? According to the SBA only 10% of business owners are actually able to sell their businesses. Of that number, only 10% actually sell their … [Read more...]

The Youngest Entrepreneur – Part 3

One of the most fun and enlightening businesses ASBC works with is a young entrepreneur named Jacob who is forming Dizzy Skate Company (  We have been meeting for several months now and Jacob has made a lot of progress in his business formation, strategy, and direction.  What I find amazing is that he is figuring out how to tackle the same problems that … [Read more...]

Case Study – How to Communicate Effectively in Business

Situation: To say that business has changed in the last 10 years would be a wild understatement.  The internet is here to stay and so are all of the new devices, methods, and opportunities that come with it.  The biggest problem with all of the devices and capabilities is that they all combine to give instant access to anyone you want to reach, and it sets up the expectation of an instant … [Read more...]

Back to the Basics: NETWORKING

Networking is the number one way for you to obtain new clients, and if done correctly, have people referring you to their clients.  Networking allows you to see and be seen by those who are in business.  It is imperative that you make an effort to get out and meet those who will work with you, will refer you, or will provide service that you need for doing your own business. The basics of … [Read more...]

Is SEO Really Dead? …Again?

Situation: Google recently announced that they were introducing a completely new search algorithm which represents the biggest change to Google search in 12 years.  It is called Hummingbird and is causing all types of concern among business owners and web site creators alike. Is there really something to fear about this new change? Is it going to negate all of the work that has gone into a … [Read more...]

The Youngest Entrepreneur

          Case Study – The Youngest Entrepreneur  Situation: The conversation with my youngest client has been very revealing to date. His business will have many sides to it besides just the crafting of skateboards and decals. To that end he has been grappling with the exact same problems faced by adult business owners. His insights have proven to be a delightful … [Read more...]

Case Studies – Do It Yourself Social Media Marketing for Business

Situation: Many of the businesses I work with are on a budget and are watching all of their expenses. One of the items they believe they can do themselves or at least get started doing themselves is the social media marketing. This involves using a  combination of the available social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. These should be used as a combination of professional and … [Read more...]

Behind SEO success, a ‘knuckle down’ approach

“About every web company says they do search engine optimization,” says Allison Kulage, who is often the person these companies call when they need a subcontractor. As the founder of Bare Knuckle Marketing, she works with businesses directly, helping them identify and meet marketing goals with SEO. Kulage, who has a marketing communications background, looked for marketing jobs after graduating … [Read more...]