Turning Your Web Site Into Money

A very common topic that I discuss with my ASBC business owners is the need for a web site.  Whereas web sites come in all sorts of flavors, colors, abilities, and usefulness the bottom line is that if your website is not making you money then it is not working for you. Just because you have graced this internet thingy with your online presence does not mean you will get business, notice, nor … [Read more...]

The Power of Being There

Business is: always looking for the next customer or client while keeping the current customers or clients satisfied with their product or service.  It is freely acknowledged that it takes much more effort to meet and create a client than to keep one.  The Ohio Business Matchmaker event for 2015 was created to set up such an environment where commercial and government suppliers are able to get 10 … [Read more...]

Women in Business – 6 Considerations and Observations

Ever since Rosie the Riveter came into the industrial revolution sparked by the lack of men during World War II, business has not been the same.  The flood gates had been opened and like the song says “How are you going to keep them down on the farm after they’ve seen Paris?” According to the National Women’s Business Council: There are 7.8 million women-owned businesses in the United … [Read more...]

The Gift

As we approach the holiday season business owners begin struggling with how to “recognize” the holidays and not be offensive to anyone.  This includes me as I do not want to spread any type of uneasy feelings to others.  Everyone has this problem and everyone handles it in their own way.  Plus there is the expense factor in what you can actually afford to send or do for those who are important to … [Read more...]

I learned a lot of networking lessons from my waitress

I do a few meetings a week around lunch time and I meet a lot of different waiters and waitresses.  Some are ok, some are not ok, and some are awesome.  One young professional I will call Betty (not her real name) showed me how to really network while waiting tables. I know, most of you do not think that someone taking your food order is networking.  However, if they know their craft, they are … [Read more...]

Networking – Making it Work

Much to do is being made of networking these days.  If you own and run a business, how in the world can you add time into your day for all of the various networking events, opportunities, one on one meetings, and organizations that are all vying for your time, money, and sales? This is where discussing exactly this network conundrum with other like and kind business owners comes in handy.  Who is … [Read more...]

Network and Celebrate Healthy Living

  Join us July 31st from 6pm-8pm at the Centennial Barn, as we celebrate healthy living by building healthy relationships.   At this year's Summer Networking Event we invite you to celebrate your health while creating new healthy relationships. This summer's networking event will be sponsored by Leah E McCullough, HealthSavor, and Bare Knuckle Digital. Leah, the author of Freedom From … [Read more...]

Networking at its Finest

Have you ever noticed that some people just seem to have never met a stranger?  Maybe it is because they haven’t, at least not for very long.  And if you are one of those people who just do not know how to walk up to a complete stranger and talk to them then pay attention.  You are about to learn the art of the introduction. Most business people think that you need to have the perfect, platinum … [Read more...]

ASBC Spring Networking Event April 24th 6pm-8pm

  Spring is Nature's way of saying "Let's Party!"     Join us Thursday April 24th from 6pm to 8pm for the ASBC Annual Spring Networking Event.  The event will be held at Barresi's Italian Restaurant. Barresi's is beloved by its patrons for its authentic Italian cuisine; a blend of tastes from the southern olive oil region near Calbaria, and the northern city of Genoa. The complimentary menu for … [Read more...]

Ohio Business Matchmaker for 2014

The Ohio Business Matchmaker is a unique event designed to bring together potential qualified suppliers with buyers from federal, state, local and prime contractors to fulfill their contracting needs and requirements. Buyers and suppliers will have the opportunity to meet for 10 minutes in one-on-one sessions to discuss billions of dollars’ worth of upcoming opportunities. This event also provides … [Read more...]