Case Study – How to Communicate Effectively in Business

Situation: To say that business has changed in the last 10 years would be a wild understatement.  The internet is here to stay and so are all of the new devices, methods, and opportunities that come with it.  The biggest problem with all of the devices and capabilities is that they all combine to give instant access to anyone you want to reach, and it sets up the expectation of an instant … [Read more...]

Back to the Basics: NETWORKING

Networking is the number one way for you to obtain new clients, and if done correctly, have people referring you to their clients.  Networking allows you to see and be seen by those who are in business.  It is imperative that you make an effort to get out and meet those who will work with you, will refer you, or will provide service that you need for doing your own business. The basics of … [Read more...]

Save the Date! Jan ASBC Networking Event!

  Be sure to SAVE THE DATE for the next ASBC Networking Event on Tues, Jan 21st, 5:30-7:30 pm! ASBC is collaborating with The Business Network (TBN) for this special 'New Year' gathering of amazing professionals in the Greater Cincinnati area. We're also excited that Kemper Pond Office Park is hosting our first event in 2014! Please join us for refreshments, social networking and meeting … [Read more...]

ASBC Fall Networking Event! Save the Date!

On October 24, 2013, American Small Business Centers will be holding our quarterly networking event for the Fall at Creative Invites and Events (CIE) in the Reading Bridal District. This is not where we usually go for our networking events; however this is going to prove to be our best yet! Stacey Shiring is the owner of CIE and has been a client of ASBC since the beginning.  We have worked with … [Read more...]

Thinking About Business Certifications?

          I Got The Contract!!! Situation: When we begin working with any business ASBC always looks at the type of customer that would be most beneficial to the business. We diagnose if the business could benefit from any type of certifications, locations, or registrations. Sometimes all three align themselves in one business and we highly encourage the business … [Read more...]

ASBC Summer Networking Event – July 25

It’s time again for another fun & fantastic networking event with ASBC! This round, we’ll gather at the brand new Glendalia Culinary Studio, located within the Glendalia Boutique Hotel. Admission includes inventive summer dishes straight from the grill, courtesy of Chef Kristy. Valley Vineyards will also be on hand to provide generous pours of their delicious, local wines! This networking … [Read more...]

Case Study – Is Attending a Networking Event Really Worth It?

Situation: It seems like everyone is sponsoring some type of networking event that they want everyone to come to. Some are free and some charge a fee. All of them advertise the same thing – come meet people you do not know. Really? If you do any type of networking at all you will be seeing the same people just at different events. So how do you decide where to go, what to do, and how to … [Read more...]

Case Study – Improving the Effectiveness of Your Referral Network

Situation: It is a given these days that if you are a business owner you need to be networking as a part of your marketing plan. Where you network, how much time you should spend networking, and what results you should expect all vary with you, your business, and your competition. If you are in a business that sells exclusively to other business then you should be networking where other business … [Read more...]

Case Study – Working the Ohio Business Matchmaking event with my Business Clients

Situation: As you read this I am at the Dayton Convention Center in Dayton, Ohio, working with a half dozen of my client business owner’s introducing them to government and commercial buyers of their products or services. At last count there are over 150 commercial purchasing agents and government buyers who are giving 10 minute time slots to all of my clients to discuss doing business with them. … [Read more...]

Ohio Business Matchmaking – Connecting Ohio Suppliers and Buyers

Situation: The 2013 matchmaking event sponsored by the Ohio Small Business Development Centers and the Ohio Development Services Agency is now making matches between Ohio based businesses that signed up for the event. The buyers and sellers both had to use the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) to identify their products or services to each other. NAICS is the standard used by … [Read more...]