Ladies, You Can Do This! The book launch party celebration

After 3 years and many nights of interrupted sleep the business book was finally at the printers ready for production. This was never my real plan nor was it my dream. But as I continued to write, it became both. Let me take you back in time to the beginning of this journey. I was actually sitting in my office with no appointments that day, and I thought it might be neat to start writing about my … [Read more...]

Four Years and Counting! Happy Anniversary ASBC!

ASBC turns a whopping four years old on November 1, 2015.  It has been a whirlwind for the last four years and has not been without its joys, trepidation, failures (or non successes as I prefer to call them), and lots of learning moments. It is the learning moments that I want to present here.  Life is full of opportunities to learn if that is how you take what life throws at you.  Here is a list … [Read more...]

The Youngest Entrepreneur – Part 3

One of the most fun and enlightening businesses ASBC works with is a young entrepreneur named Jacob who is forming Dizzy Skate Company (  We have been meeting for several months now and Jacob has made a lot of progress in his business formation, strategy, and direction.  What I find amazing is that he is figuring out how to tackle the same problems that … [Read more...]

The Youngest Entrepreneur

          Case Study – The Youngest Entrepreneur  Situation: The conversation with my youngest client has been very revealing to date. His business will have many sides to it besides just the crafting of skateboards and decals. To that end he has been grappling with the exact same problems faced by adult business owners. His insights have proven to be a delightful … [Read more...]

ASBC Fall Networking Event! Save the Date!

On October 24, 2013, American Small Business Centers will be holding our quarterly networking event for the Fall at Creative Invites and Events (CIE) in the Reading Bridal District. This is not where we usually go for our networking events; however this is going to prove to be our best yet! Stacey Shiring is the owner of CIE and has been a client of ASBC since the beginning.  We have worked with … [Read more...]

Thinking About Business Certifications?

          I Got The Contract!!! Situation: When we begin working with any business ASBC always looks at the type of customer that would be most beneficial to the business. We diagnose if the business could benefit from any type of certifications, locations, or registrations. Sometimes all three align themselves in one business and we highly encourage the business … [Read more...]

Case Study – One woman against the world

Situation: As her father lay in his hospital bed dying of a brain trauma, Robin felt helpless. This is what all of us feel when we have a loved one who is slipping away from us. Robin is also a fighter and a believer in the cause of proper nutrition giving the body a fighting chance to heal itself. This is why she was horrified when she read the ingredients on the can of liquid feeding tube … [Read more...]

Case Study – How Does ASBC Accelerate Businesses?

Situation: Recently ASBC started working with a business owner who had been working in her home for over 10 years. The business was actually more of a hobby, and the owner realized that she was stuck in a rut of doing all of the administration, financial accounting, customer relations, sales, and manufacturing of her promotions business. We met her at a BNI meeting and immediately recognized that … [Read more...]

Case Study – The Building of Curate Boutique for Courtney

Situation: Courtney Pegan is building a new women's clothing and accessories boutique in the Hyde Park Square district of Cincinnati, Ohio. After finding a location for Curate Boutique, applying for the lease, negotiating the lease, and signing her lease, she is now ready for the next step, namely, the rehabilitation and build out of her new store. Not all is as it seems as she surveys the … [Read more...]

Case Study – I Want to Open My Own Clothing Boutique in Cincinnati

Situation: A successful young woman in Cincinnati Ohio wants to put corporate America behind her and open her own Women's Clothing and Accessories Boutique. Recent life events have made it clear to her that waiting to begin her life’s dream was not a good idea. Given the current economy, there are a lot of considerations that need to be examined when making the decision to start a retail … [Read more...]