How to Apply for the COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan through the SBA Program

These times we are in right now are unprecedented. The confusion and trepidation are alarming and bewildering. Daniel Boone, the famous frontiersman, was once asked, “Have you ever gotten lost in the wilderness?” He said, “No, I’ve never been lost. I’ve been bewildered for weeks at a time, but I’ve never been lost.” At ASBC we are working diligently to help business owners navigate this new … [Read more...]

Pinterest and Engagement

I finally figured out why Pinterest has so much appeal. It hit me as I was eating chicken parmigiana (parmesan) with my family. About bite #8 I realized we had never had this in my home, so I asked where this idea came from. “Pinterest” was the one word answer along with the “you better say something nice fast” look. Being the seasoned husband I am I of course stated with great enthusiasm that … [Read more...]

Worker Appreciation is not Rocket Science

We are facing a real uphill battle these days to find, train, and retain great employees. However, we do have a secret weapon we can use that is about as old of a technology as you can imagine. It involves the use of the yellow sticky note. Invented by 3M scientist Dr. Spencer Silver in 1968, the Post-It Note as it was called then has now undergone a renaissance of sorts with the patent expiring … [Read more...]

Web Site Vs. Web Presence

I was recently talking with a new client who told me he was going to do his own web site; now that was not the business he was starting nor did he have some level of expertise with web site development. I was - to say the least - unimpressed with his ego and skills. Here’s the deal. If you are going to be in a serious business then you need a serious web site. Period. There are a lot of do it … [Read more...]

What I Learned About Business Watching Super Bowl LI

Super Bowl Fifty One is now in the record books and has been correctly labeled the most spectacular Super Bowl to date. 24 Super Bowl records broken, and seven more tied. While it was the best cliff hanger football I have ever seen, I was reminded about the business lessons we could all learn from watching and enjoying this game. Lesson #1 –. Possession pays off The Falcons came out guns blazing … [Read more...]

Duties of a Small Business COO

The decision for a small business owner to hire a part or full time Chief Operating Officer (COO) should not be taken lightly. Not only is there an expense consideration, it is also a sharing of the decision making power for the business. Most small business owners believe they can handle all of the decision needed for their business to operate, grow, and flourish. In my experience this is how … [Read more...]

ASBC University is Coming!!!

ASBC has been around for three and one half years now.  This brings my total years of business building, counseling, advising and consulting to ten.  Over these last ten years I have learned a few things: Business entrepreneurs will always find a way to start a business even if it will kill them. Business owners do not know what they do not know. Future and present business owners and … [Read more...]

8 Basic Business Rules

Here are 8 basic business rules that I repeat on a weekly basis. If you do not have the backing of a home for the business do not start. If your friends do not support your business get new friends. If your family does not support your business you should still love them, just love them from a distance. Only hire professionals to work with you in your business if they will be a part of your … [Read more...]

What would I do over again?

I am often asked with my years in business what, if anything, I would do different again if I was starting out in business.  The factual answer to that is probably nothing since I have taken all of my experience, both good and not so good, and have turned it into life’s lessons and business truths that I now use with all of my clients. However, when asked what I would do over, that is very easy.  … [Read more...]

Women in Business – 6 Considerations and Observations

Ever since Rosie the Riveter came into the industrial revolution sparked by the lack of men during World War II, business has not been the same.  The flood gates had been opened and like the song says “How are you going to keep them down on the farm after they’ve seen Paris?” According to the National Women’s Business Council: There are 7.8 million women-owned businesses in the United … [Read more...]