A Christmas Story – 2015

This is a little different blog post for the business owners for which I usually write.  It is because of the present season and the lasting impression that was made on me recently.  It is a story about true faith.

Recently I had the oil light say hello to me at the end of a very busy day so like most very busy people I ignored it.  I do not recommend this course of action.  My vehicle is pushing 220,000 miles.  For you non mechanic types this is a lot of miles for most US engineered vehicles.  I called my mechanic and was told to bring it over ASAP.  The car is just using oil as the bearings, seals, and rings are getting worn just like the owner.

As the garage was putting more oil into the engine (I could not get the fill cap off – that is another story) I noticed another customer in the waiting area.  His name is Owen.  He works for the post office in Cincinnati.  And that morning he had just had another round of chemo therapy.  Owen has cancer, and he is undergoing treatment for it.

Our conversation started when we locked eyes and Owen asked me how I was doing.  I replied “Blessed beyond measure” and he responded in kind.  This lead to a conversation about work, life, and his cancer.

Owen was soon called to the service counter as his vehicle was ready.  As he stood to go to the counter, I also stood and shook his hand.  I told him I would pray for him.  He looked me straight in the eye and said the following:  “No matter how this turns out I have already won.”

That is probably the best statement of faith I have ever heard.  And I needed to hear it as my faith has been shaken by a series of recent events.  It has stiffened my resolve to be more positive, to help where I can, and to believe that there is always good that can come from any conversation, meeting, or even a causal hello.

Owen, I owe you a big thanks for sharing your faith with me.  May this Christmas season be blessed for you, and thanks for making a difference in my world.  I will do my humble best to pass this on to others.

We as business owners need to have faith in ourselves when we feel the most lost, the most abandoned, and the most out of control of our lives and businesses.  Never lose faith in yourself, your fellow man, nor your God.  

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