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TRA_6008I have been asked a lot of questions lately about how to build a personal brand. Mainly, what is the difference between a personal brand and digital marketing, do I need a personal brand, and how do I go about doing this?

Enter my long-time friend Jennifer McClure. I have known Jennifer for a number of years now, and she has built a very successful speaking business and now travels the world doing keynotes and motivational speaking. She has been the featured keynote at Human Resource events like state conferences for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and many corporations. Recently, she started doing pod casts called Impact Makers which I have subscribed to and listen with great interest every week ( The podcasts that Jennifer does sometimes feature special guests she had met in her travels and other times she shares her experiences being a woman owned business and giving ideas for heading in your own business and career.

She just completed a three-part series on personal branding – development, use, and importance. In that series she makes 3 important points:

1. “How do you determine your own personal brand? You answer the following questions: Who are you, who do you help, and how do you do it?”

2. “Let’s dive into what a brand really is, and the definition is pretty simple. When someone says the name of a person or company, brand is the first thing that comes to mind.”

3. “What does all this mean for you and your personal brand? People want to be involved with others they like, have positive associations with, or promise something they want.”

Jennifer has also developed a worksheet that I am now completing about developing your personal brand. You can find the worksheet here. This is a free resource, and I would encourage you to download this worksheet and complete it. Then be sure to post your results at #impactmakerspodcast.

With this worksheet, I have been able to come up with a personal branding statement of my own that I now believe actually tells people what I do. Here it is:

“I’m a business coach and mentor who helps women to ignite their passion to start their own business so that they can make their dreams come true and become financially free while taking their rightful place in the world of business.”

I learn so much when I listen to Jennifer’s podcasts. Her own personal journey is one that I use as an example to my clients as to how you can build your own business and your personal brand.

I highly recommend you subscribe to Impact Makers to get a better handle on how to build your personal brand and what is important to businesses and employees these days.

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