Five Stretches to Do at Your Desk

desk stretchMost people will make some type of excuse as to why they cannot exercise. Usually it is a time or making time problem. Any exercise will make you feel better than no exercise, and with many people spending more time at work, there is something you can do about this.
Stretching is one of the most neglected of exercise activities. Stretching addresses one of the most basic complaints we all have about maturing – we just cannot bend around like we use to be able to do. We are stiff after sitting in one place too long, and too long becomes a shorter amount of time as we age. Basic stretching will alleviate some of these problems.
Here are five Stretches to Do at Your Desk
1. Head tilt. Put your right hand on your left shoulder. Tilt your right ear toward your right shoulder. Hold for five seconds. Switch sides.
2. Neck roll. Roll your head to the right, down to the front, then left. Do this slowly and smoothly, in both directions.
3. Shoulder circles. Make circles with your shoulders—up, back, and down. Switch directions. Do at least five circles in each direction.
4. Side stretch. Stretch your arms to the right side, and then clasp your hands overhead. Keep your head straight forward but lean your upper body to the right side. You should feel this down your left side. Hold for five seconds. Switch sides. 
5. Back release. Sit at the edge of your chair as tall as you can (be careful if it has wheels). Open your legs apart so your arms drop between them. Straighten your legs so your heels are on the floor but not your toes. Knees are relaxed and never locked. Bring your chin to your chest, and then roll down toward your feet, one vertebra at a time. You should feel this first in your neck, then your upper, middle, and lower back. This should be done slowly; relax into each part of the back. Roll up just as slowly. This stretch should take at least 30 seconds.
Give these a try and see how you feel. This will take several days for you to notice any positive effect, however it will come and you will feel less tired and sore as your workday wears on.

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