Four Years and Counting! Happy Anniversary ASBC!

asbcanniversary4ASBC turns a whopping four years old on November 1, 2015.  It has been a whirlwind for the last four years and has not been without its joys, trepidation, failures (or non successes as I prefer to call them), and lots of learning moments.

It is the learning moments that I want to present here.  Life is full of opportunities to learn if that is how you take what life throws at you.  Here is a list of how I run my business and my life.

  1. You can do this.  I am still amazed that when I am talking to a prospective or current business owner that when I tell them “You can do this” it is the first time in their business life or their entire life that anyone has ever told them they can do anything.  What kind of society are we living in now?  Their family, loved ones, children, or friends never gave any type of positive motivation?  All too often the answer I get back is that no one has every supported them, and then the tears start.  Sometimes that is a far as we get when we are working together that day.
  2. It is not that complicated.  Life is a series of connected events, happenings, and collisions with others.  It is my experience that everything in life can be broken down and addressed in its component parts.  When I was teaching college level math I had more than one student freeze up at the thought of figuring out any equation.  When I broke it down into its individual components the students could easily solve the problem.  However, left to their own abilities most would stop or quit rather than tackle the equation.  It was only complicated because they chose to think of it that way.
  3. Problems are opportunities.  There is a way of either being defeated or defeating what life has to offer you as a business owner.  The majority of the people I meet should never try to own their own business.  To them problems are show stoppers and not a chance to see what they can learn from the experience.  Business owners are not rich especially when they first start out.  For the first years in business most owners live at or below the poverty level.  Guts, determination, and getting the right people on their bus is what allows for a business owner to be successful.
  4. There is a difference between a true entrepreneur and a business owner.  I see this one every day.  To a business owner a problem is something to be dealt with, endured, or just complained about.  It may or may not ever get solved and go away.  To the entrepreneur a problem is an obstacle to be overcome, wrestled to the ground, torn apart, attacked with vengeance, and conquered!!!  A true entrepreneur will see excitement in the attainment of new heights in business and not just profits.  The fire in the belly has gotten many an entrepreneur through dark nights, long hours, a stack of unpaid bills, and just plain being hungry.
  5. Never never never give up.  This does not mean stop what you are doing after a truthful assessment of continuing to go on.  I have worked with several business owners who had to close their businesses for very good reasons that have nothing to do with their abilities as business owners.  But, and this is a biggie, they never gave up on themselves, their dreams, their ambitions, nor their beliefs.  They will move on to bigger and better things while taking the lessons learned with them.

These are the big five that I have learned and pass on to my clients all of the time.  Never allow anyone to tell you that you dreams or not valid, your ambitions are mistaken, or that you cannot do this.  They are not your friends.  You do not have to stop loving them; you just have to love them from afar.

And get a supportive group of friends.  If you have trouble finding them let me know.  I know where they are.

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