Success Stories

bookEnough Success Stories to Fill A Book!

Tom Lunney is the author of “ Ladies You Can Do This!: The book every woman starting a business needs to read“. In this book, stories of the women entrepreneurs that Tom has worked with demonstrate how something as simple as the belief that “you can do this” can transform your career, your financial future, and your life. You can purchase the book on Amazon and read these success stories.

Here are a few of these stories:

Industrial Electrical Systems Analysis

An electrical contractor was able to place controls on employee activity by instituting an employee handbook with help from the ASBC.

American Small Business Centers also helped the company realize $15,000 in savings by showing the small business owner that by organizing and performing inventory control on excess job materials that a value could be placed on the remaining inventory as collateral to help with lending…and the recovery of sitting cash as well.

We were also able to help the owner and his accountant identify a problem whereby the job materials were being accounted for as supplies and therefore were reclassified as “Costs of Goods Sold”. This strategy allowed the small business to determine “breakeven” pricing of hourly jobs.


Spotless Services, LLC

We helped a local “Green” cleaning company with his capabilities statement and submitted that statement to several of our contacts in the construction industry to develop a new Construction Cleanup service line. Not only did the business win a contract for construction cleanup on the new Mercy Hospital, but also will be providing laborers for FireStop sealing of wall penetrations.


DC Concrete

In addition to assisting DC Concrete in obtaining 8a Certification and developing a capabilities statement, we registered the business in the Federal Central Contractor Registration. The company was then contracted by a Federal Prime Contractor and won a $1.7M contract to build a training center at Fort Knox, Kentucky.


Smart Growth Construction

The owner of Smart Growth came to us seeking assistance in obtaining financing. While preparing the company’s lending package we introduced them to a local investor who promptly provided them with private financing.


Bare Knuckle Marketing, Inc.

We helped this local digital marketing company understand their business on many levels, from financial to managing employees to legal structuring. Within the first year of business, Bare Knuckle experienced exponential growth and needed guidance on how to manage growth at such an accelerated rate. We were able to help them understand the need for incorporating their business and helped them find the right CPA to help with the process. They found the process of incorporating easy and not nearly as expensive as anticipated, and are now enjoying a nice tax break as a result.


We have many more examples of how we have been helping small businesses make a difference in our community, and we would be glad to share them with you. Please contact us to find out more, and read more stories of small business success here.