Ladies, You Can Do This! The book launch party celebration

After 3 years and many nights of interrupted sleep the business book was finally at the printers ready for production. This was never my real plan nor was it my dream. But as I continued to write, it became both. Let me take you back in time to the beginning of this journey.

I was actually sitting in my office with no appointments that day, and I thought it might be neat to start writing about my experiences. Everyone now knows this was a nudge from the universe, and I was obedient to that nudge. I wrote several chapters, all with no real connecting thought as to what I should write, and with no real purpose other than I felt the overpowering need to write down some business educational ideas and problems I had been dealing with for some of my clients. I also wanted to tell their stories in the case studies that accompanied the chapters, and I thought the examples of everyday people who got into their own businesses would be inspirational to others. 

Long story short, life got in the way of taking this project seriously, and new writing lingered. The universe again nudged me, a little harder this time, and I engaged an editor. She called me late one evening all excited as she had been doing initial reviews of what I had written, and told me I had created a women’s business book. We had some additional chapters that needed to be written and we needed to change some of the case studies to be women only, but the idea was formed.

The real work began when my first editor had to take another full time job, and I met Jill. She is the reason this book is readable, and she kept me very honest about what I was really doing with this book, who it was really being written for, and how did I intend to use this in the future. The reason you can read this book today is because of her efforts, and for that I will forever be in her debt.

The result of everyone’s hard work is the video you will see here. I was very honored to see the people who came to this book launch party, and even more grateful to see how far the women in the case studies had come as business owners, people, and friends. 

Please enjoy this short video of everyone enjoying the book, themselves, and most of all meeting all of the other wonderful women they had heard about for years but had never met. There were some surprises, some tears (mine mostly), and lots of laughter. 

Thank you ladies for allowing me to be a part of your life, your journey, and for honoring me with your attendance, support, and universal positivity.

Ladies, You Can Do This!

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