Lauren you are not going to die out here

This blog will be a little different than most.  The message still applies, and the example is real life.  Business owners can learn a lot from Lauren’s courage and confidence.

A young woman was out boating with her friends and boyfriend on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.  It was getting late, so they started heading back to the dock for the evening.  As the boat was running in the water it hit a large wave that knocked Lauren out of the rear of the boat.  As she came back to the surface she could see the boat turn around to come get her.  She was embarrassed that she had not been holding on to anything.  Her embarrassment turned to fear as the boat stopped.  It was late and the occupants could not find nor see her.  She swam to a buoy but could not climb on as it had a very slick surface. 

Lauren quickly realized that she was going to have to get herself out of the situation she was in.  She could see a shoreline and decided to swim towards it.

As business owners we get ourselves into situations that cause fear and panic.  How are we going to make payroll, why won’t clients pay their invoices, my employees are stealing from me, or you get a letter for an audit from the tax folks.  What is your plan to handle the unplanned?  Who do you turn to for advice when you get into a tight or tenuous situation?  Especially if no one is around?

We tend to think that we can always call someone, we will sick our lawyer on the trouble maker, or that if we ignore something it will go away.  Bad idea for business owners. 

Lauren was by herself with only the confidence in herself as company.  That confidence is what reminded her to float on her back with the tide.  It is also what guided her efforts to swim to a far distant shore.  It is also what kept her head straight as she was thinking about how useless this all was.  Then her foot touched mud.  She still had to walk to shore of a deserted island, make some type of shelter for herself to spend a cold and lonely night, and then walk inland as the sun rose in the East.

As a society we are told that we should seek help for our problems and not rely on ourselves for inspiration or inner strength.  This is a false narrative.  It is only your confidence that is in yourself and that you show others that will keep evil at bay, allow you to persevere in the face of obstacles, and will get you out of bed to go and pound away at a problem until it succumbs to your will.  These are the successful business owners I work for.  I want you in that company.

Read more about Lauren and her ordeal here.

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