What I Learned About Business Watching Super Bowl LI

downloadSuper Bowl Fifty One is now in the record books and has been correctly labeled the most spectacular Super Bowl to date. 24 Super Bowl records broken, and seven more tied. While it was the best cliff hanger football I have ever seen, I was reminded about the business lessons we could all learn from watching and enjoying this game.

Lesson #1 –. Possession pays off

The Falcons came out guns blazing and dominated the first half of play. The Patriots went into the locker room and changed up their offensive strategy. They went to the short pass, small incursions into the line, and better defense of the quarterback. The result – possession time. Falcons were in possession of the ball for 23 minutes and 27 seconds of the game. The Patriots were in possession for 40 minutes and 31 seconds.

The majority of the Patriots possession time was in the second half which caused the Falcons defense to have to stay on the field with very little break time.

Lesson #2 – Consistency pays off

During the first half the Falcons pulled out all of the stops and had a very good mix of offensive and defensive strategy. They sprinted through the game with the idea of early domination which was to hopefully cause a demoralized Patriots team to feel defeated.

However, the patriots have been here before, and just kept playing their normal game with a changeup of passing strategy in the second half. Result – consistent plays for the Patriots which lead to the time in possession difference which lead to victory.

Lesson #3 – Never admit defeat

Most of us watching the game from the comfort of our recliners probably found other things to do than to give 100% of our attention to the second half of the game. I see this in business also when things do not work as we think they should we will find “other” things to do which takes away from our business.

So there you have it. To recap:

1. Keep possession of your business strategy and to not give it over to your competition.

2. Be consistent in what you know will work and do not abandon your business planning strategy to the latest fad or idea. Stick to your guns.

3. When you are going through hell keep on going.

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