Listen to the Whispers

“Be ready to hear what whispers in your ear” – Steven Spielberg

There was a time when all of us considered laying in a grassy field and staring at clouds a great pastime.  Those times get replaced by an education system that strives to beat the wonder of the world out of us so we will be “productive citizens”.  The Great Depression generation that I was raised by had a really great reason for this attitude – education earned you the ability to eat, live indoors, and plan for a future and not just an existence.  Times have changed.

Making money has become synonymous with original sin.  Being successful is because of others misery and not your good hard work.  Living in a nice neighborhood, sending your kids to a quality school, and being able to actually save for a retirement is not actually the goal for a lot of America.  This affects a business owner’s ability to actually own, operate, and make successful any business.

It is no longer a requirement that people work to eat.  If you are hungry you can find something that will qualify as food.  It is no longer a requirement that you have to pay for a roof over your head.  Further, there is no accountability for your bad decisions if you know how to work the system.

All business owners and otherwise successful people have one very big thing in common.  Sometime in their past they heard a still, small, very quiet whisper within themselves that told them what their passion was.  Every one of them.  Without exception.  The fact that they took the time to actually hear this small voice is what qualifies as a miracle in itself.

Business owners are a unique breed of animal.  They would rather work 60 hours for themselves than 40 for someone else.  They see success at the end of their tunnels instead of just one more day they have to put up with.  They take every day as a challenge and not something that needs to be endured.  Do they have hard times?  Sure they do.  Do they have failures?  Without exception.  Do they get down sometimes?  Are they human just like the rest of us?

This country was founded by people who were tired of being told what they could or could not do due to the system they were born into or their religious preferences.  Americans understand that this is the land of opportunity, and they hear the beat of this in their hearts every day.

But remember.  It always starts with a still, small, quiet voice within them that they finally heard and heeded.

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