We Live in the Disinformation Age

For a long time now we have been lead to believe that we are in the greatest age in history, namely that we are in the information age. We can look up anything with the touch of a keyboard, directions to the nearest sushi bar is available on your conversation device, and price comparisons are available in the comfort of your home instead of multiple visits to multiple stores.

We have been lied to and abused.

We actually live in the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind. We are in the disinformation age, and we are willing participants.

What is disinformation? According to the definition from WhatIs.com “disinformation is a type of untrue communication that is purposefully spread and represented as truth to elicit some response that serves the perpetrator's purpose. Disinformation is sometimes confused with misinformation but the two are distinguished by their intention.

The purpose of disinformation is to deceive”.

Our news is now given to us in the form of some truth and a lot of opinion. Even poll data is now taken from multiple sources and only that which supports the narrative is actually reported. It is no longer important that the American public be kept informed. It is now more important that the published “disinformation” accrue so many “likes” that it is shared by enough people so that the original source has been obscured by repeated re-sending.

Want an example? We now have a president who for the first time in our country’s history won the presidential race without support of the public media, free press, political party, poll data, or elite power opinions. Any event that he does is reported many different ways. He is not supported by anyone but himself and the people who elected him.

The intent of any type of reporting for this president is to elicit a reaction, usually fear or anger. Any reporting is designed for one thing and one thing only – to create a dopamine reaction. And to keep the public stirred up because that will keep all of us divided. And by doing so we willingly go down the rabbit hole of having our country, freedoms, jobs, careers, and future dictated to by high level influencers who care about themselves and themselves only.

This disinformation is served to us 24/7/365 by so many different means it is impossible to count them all.

This affects every aspect of living and working in the USA, and as business owner I see these negative affects with all of the other business owners I know. We either start demanding that truth, justice, and the American way become our norm or we will perish together.

As has been stated, “The only thing that needs to happen for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.” And disinformation is evil.

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