#MeToo Movement

I have been asked by several of my clients to address the #metoo movement. We have seen many problems with how we treat women in our society, and I aim to address some of the root causes of the disparity between men and women. By getting to the root of the issue, we can start to effect change.

One of the underlying issues is that many believe that women are set up from an early age to value looks and beauty as very important in a woman’s life, over other attributes like intelligence or ability. Recently I saw a blog post about senior pictures for a young woman. The comments on the post included the following:

These are absolutely stunning!!!
I started crying because of how beautiful you are.
You are so beautiful!!! (3 times)
Gorgeous (4 times)
Absolutely beautiful in every way.

While the senior high school student was very pretty, no one asked what she planned on doing upon graduation, offered her a position of employment, nor commented on her intelligence. This happens all the time to women. This objectifying them into either beauty queens or not is one of the items that leads young women to think that beauty equals success in the business and personal worlds. And the results are that women spend more time in their early working years trying to be liked for being pretty than admired for their professional prowess.

Unless we stop judging people on the outside and start looking at them on the inside we will continue to have women sexually harassed, under paid, and given jobs that while necessary are not looked at as starting a meaningful career. And it does not begin with corporate culture, societal norms, or protests. It starts with the individual, by changing a mindset that was built over centuries of male dominated business and professionalism. Change can start with something as simple as being mindful of how you are commenting on social media posts. Take the time to consider the potential in everyone equally and be a part of the positive change that can result from the #MeToo Movement.

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