Ohio Veterans Bonus

Veterans – apply now for bonus!


Directly from the the US Department for Armed Services is this memo below regarding bonuses available to veterans. Even if a vet has previously applied for this bonus, they must do so again in order to receive it!


Military service members from Ohio who fit the established service criteria may begin applying for an Ohio Veterans Bonus, which will provide compensation for their dedication and service.

The Ohio Veterans Bonus is a thank-you from the citizens of Ohio to all the members of the Armed Forces who served during the time of the Persian Gulf War, the Iraq War and the Afghanistan War. However, the Ohio Veterans Bonus won’t be around forever – veterans of the Persian Gulf era must apply by Dec. 31, 2013, while veterans of the Iraq era have until Dec. 31, 2014, to apply.
The Ohio Veterans Bonus is available to military service members and veterans who entered the military from Ohio and are an Ohio resident at the time they apply. They must have served under honorable conditions for greater than 90 days on active duty, not for training, anywhere in the world during one of the following periods:
·   Persian Gulf: Aug. 2, 1990, through March 3, 1991 (application deadline: Dec. 31, 2013);
·   Iraq: March 19, 2003, through Dec. 31, 2011 (application deadline: Dec. 31, 2014);
·   Afghanistan: Oct. 7, 2001, through a date to be determined by the president.


The bonus pays $100 per month for service in the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan or Iraq Wars during the eligible periods, and/or $50 per month for service anywhere else in the world during those times. The total individual award cannot exceed $1,500.

The next-of-kin of eligible service members who are killed or die as a result of injuries or illness sustained in the Persian Gulf, Iraq or Afghanistan may also receive the bonus. Next-of-kin may be compensated $5,000, plus whatever the service member would have received. Next-of-kin of service members who die on active duty, but not as the result of injuries or illness sustained in the areas named above, may be compensated whatever the eligible service member would have received.

The Ohio Veterans Bonus is not taxed by either the federal government or the State of Ohio. For more information, call 1.877.644.6838, select option 2, or visit veteransbonus.ohio.gov


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