OJT Program To Benefit Small Businesses In Cincinnati: They Pay, You Win?

We’re always on the hunt for fantastic resources for you, small business owner.

So as you chug along in 2012, you’re thinking about hiring an employee, perhaps even your first one. But you can’t imagine the cost and time it would require for you to find exactly what you need.

The biggest costs to hiring a new employee are time invested in finding that perfect fit and training. And for the small business owner, finding the “perfect” candidate can take years. hiring for small business Cincinnati

You need someone like you, but you’re also handling the recruiting, interviewing, selecting and orienting yourself.

Do you have time for that? Are you confident that you’re searching in the right places?

Enter outsourcing. It’s everywhere these days. From marketing to accounting, it’s more cost-effective and just plain convenient to handing certain jobs over to those who are qualified without bringing them on full-time.

In comparison to hiring an employee, outsourcing various positions can reduce the new hire costs by up to 75%.

So you need a candidate who’s a miracle-worker, mind-reader and who can juggle six tennis balls at a time?

We’ve found the answer…

TheOffice Of Workforce Development of the Ohio Department Of Job And Family Servicesrecently announced a new addition to their family of resources:

Introducing the On-The-Job Training program. Of thousands of candidates from all walks of life and backgrounds, they find you the best talent suited for the open position and reimburse you for training dollars.

They use a customized approach to find you what you need, not only based on the available position but on their potential to grow with you and your business.

Long term benefits of using this service? Lower turnover and higher productivity.

So there you have it. Your own personalized HR department that PAYS you to hire the best minds. What could be better?