Passion Makes the Business World Go Around

In all my years of business coaching, counseling, and ownership I have noticed one thing all businesses have in common. They are started from someone’s passion, and people’s passions are different for a very good reason. What resonates with one person is another person’s hell.

My first experience with this was playing football in high school. We had guys on the team who were really good, and then we had everybody else. I was with everybody else. The main difference between the really good guys and everybody else was they loved the game of football. It was all they talked about, it was their identity, and they loved to hit people out on the ball field. The rest of us played because we thought it was what we were supposed to do and to look good for our girlfriends. Neither the girlfriends nor the game of football lasted to long for me. I discovered flying, fell in love with it (passion), and dropped both the football and girlfriend so I could spend all of my time at the local airfield.

Flying became my business and led to a career in the USAF flying for my country. About 3000+ hours and 20 years later the passion did not die down but my ability to fly as a career did. I turned my passion towards business with the same vigor I had with flying and did fairly well for a while. However, my true passion was teaching, and it was not long until I started teaching at local colleges and universities, along with my day job.
As much as I loved the business world I could not deny my passion for teaching. It drew me back like an old comfortable chair, and it led me to combine my intense concentration I learned from flying, my business skills, and my teaching ability into being a business coach.

I look for three things before I accept a new business coaching client:

  1. Passion. Fire in the belly. Business ownership means long hours, no paycheck sometimes, making payroll out of your own pocket, and sometimes wrecking your health (short term).
  2. Desire. This is different from passion in that desire will allow you to make more rational decisions about your business. Passion will usually overcome sensibilities and cause you to make non-rational decisions. Desire will also allow you to admit failures and learn from them.
  3. Coachability. If you want to argue about everything we try to do together then you need another coach. Discussion is great, and understanding is also great.

All of us know small business owners who are at their work all hours of the day and night. These are the folks who epitomize the American dream and built this country. Successful business owners understand passion coupled with education and a sprinkling of determination equals an unstoppable force that drives them. That my friends is passion at its finest hour.

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