Pinterest and Engagement

I finally figured out why Pinterest has so much appeal. It hit me as I was eating chicken parmigiana (parmesan) with my family. About bite #8 I realized we had never had this in my home, so I asked where this idea came from. “Pinterest” was the one word answer along with the “you better say something nice fast” look. Being the seasoned husband I am I of course stated with great enthusiasm that this was great and please do this again.

It was then that the business coach in me took over. I asked why this moved Nancy to make such a great dish, and she replied with the following three things;

  1. It looked good.
  2. It was easy.
  3. Reviews.

Pinterest posts pictures. That is it, just pictures. Sometimes the pictures have a few words connected with them, but the pictures themselves are taken so as to get your attention. Small business is really missing the boat if you are not posting pictures on Pinterest. Nancy was looking for something different to fix for dinner that evening, and the picture of the chicken covered with parmesan cheese appealed to her, so she clicked on the picture.

This is where the easy part comes in. It was easy for her to look at several different pictures of chicken with parmesan cheese on them, but she selected one that was very visually appealing. However, after reading the directions, she was not sufficiently motivated to make that particular dish, so she selected a different picture, and read those directions. This is where a cook book and Pinterest really part ways. In a cookbook, you get one picture and one set of directions. On Pinterest the sky is the limit. It was easy to select a recipe that appealed to her after several attempts, and she made a fabulous dish.

What really sealed the deal were the reviews by other people who had made this dish. This is where we as business owners fail to concentrate our efforts.

We have raving fans out there who love our products or services or both, but we fail to let them tell others what they think. Pinterest can do this for us. And do not be afraid of negative reviews or feedback. Honesty is the best policy, and if you get negative reviews answer them as best you can in a positive manner.

So there you have it. Use Pinterest to generate awareness, ease of use, and ask for reviews. It is that simple.

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