Behind SEO success, a ‘knuckle down’ approach

“About every web company says they do search engine optimization,” says Allison Kulage, who is often the person these companies call when they need a subcontractor. As the founder of Bare Knuckle Marketing, she works with businesses directly, helping them identify and meet marketing goals with SEO. Kulage, who has a marketing communications background, looked for marketing jobs after graduating … [Read more...]

Disaster Happens, How to Protect Your Business

Disasters can strike at any time, which is why having a disaster recovery plan can mean the difference between a small business going under or staying afloat. Whether it’s a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, wild fire or any other natural or manmade disaster being prepared will enable you to get your business back up and running smoothly and quickly. Read … [Read more...]

Networking in 2012: How To Grow From Wimp to Warrior In 6 Easy Steps

February is our Warrior Networking month! Learn how to apply last year's lessons and failures to this year's networking plan. So, how exactly, do you apply what you've learned to propel you ahead of the competition? Read on... Step 1: Move from general to specific You’ve got your elevator speech prepared and perfectly rehearsed. At the end of your elevator speech, list three specific … [Read more...]

Network Like A Warrior: Tom’s Three Things

Tom Lunney, one of our top advisors here at American Small Business Centers, is one networking warrior some of you may know personally.  For those of you who don't know:  Tom's not a "sugar coat and top it with a cherry" kind of guy. His 20+ years of experience may be unknown to many of us, but this gentle giant is bound and determined to tell it like it is. After our Quarterly Matchmaking event … [Read more...]

Network Like A Warrior: How To Choose The Best Cincinnati Networking Event To Attend

February is Warrior Networking month and much like the famous generals and leaders of wars fought before us, choosing the best networking event to attend is like preparing for battle: Choosing the right battle plan and grounds can win you a sweet victory. Choosing the wrong tools and underestimating your environment can lead you to defeat. Your selection of networking circles and groups is one … [Read more...]

What Small Businesses Should Know About Customer Needs In 2012

As all small business owners (27 million of us) leave the foolish choices of our past behind, we look forward to the future of launching new ideas, promising profitability and finally enjoying the fruits of our labor. But as any small business owner knows, each year involves the most changes, challenges and setbacks than most of us would like to admit. We know it's not the low points that define … [Read more...]

Signatures & Codes: Finding Work As A Government Contractor

As we discussed last week, making yourself visible to the government is only the beginning in becoming a government contractor. It may seem like a lenthly process, and it is, but a solid and accurate foundation gives you the freedom to concentrate on what matters most: making that cash register go cha-ching! Ready to move forward? The next step is to use your signatures and codes to find work. … [Read more...]

Visibility 101: Becoming A Government Contractor

Last week, we talked about a few of the first steps to becoming a government contractor. As we mentioned, it all begins with making yourself visible. Patience, time and dedication are necessary to navigate the steps required, so get ready for the preparation work. Don’t skip over the vital step of strengthening your online presence. It’s a hefty list of tasks to complete, but important if you … [Read more...]

Business Down? The One Solution You Never Dreamed Of

Many of us would never consider doing business with the very entity we think is costing us more money. Or is it? While, the government has always been under numerous investigations and suffered public scrutiny as a result, it presents some very interesting and profitable opportunities for businesses willing to put up with a few irritations. As reported in the New York Times and in conjunction … [Read more...]