OJT Program To Benefit Small Businesses In Cincinnati: They Pay, You Win?

We're always on the hunt for fantastic resources for you, small business owner. So as you chug along in 2012, you're thinking about hiring an employee, perhaps even your first one. But you can't imagine the cost and time it would require for you to find exactly what you need. The biggest costs to hiring a new employee are time invested in finding that perfect fit and training. And for the … [Read more...]

Network Like A Warrior: How To Choose The Best Cincinnati Networking Event To Attend

February is Warrior Networking month and much like the famous generals and leaders of wars fought before us, choosing the best networking event to attend is like preparing for battle: Choosing the right battle plan and grounds can win you a sweet victory. Choosing the wrong tools and underestimating your environment can lead you to defeat. Your selection of networking circles and groups is one … [Read more...]

Top 5 Most Common Lead-Generating Mistakes Of 2011

From poor calls-to-action to message blunders, we take a look how business owners failed to generate leads in 2011 and how you can learn from their costly mistakes. … [Read more...]