I’ve Won My First Bid As A Government Contractor, Now What?

As we’ve mentioned several times in the past, winning that initial contract is only the first step in a long line of labyrinth-type requirements and regulations. Your new job could quickly become your last if you don’t carefully play by all the rules. Compliance and performance are the key areas you should pay attention to. In addition, it’s wise to appoint a company liaison between the … [Read more...]

Signatures & Codes: Finding Work As A Government Contractor

As we discussed last week, making yourself visible to the government is only the beginning in becoming a government contractor. It may seem like a lenthly process, and it is, but a solid and accurate foundation gives you the freedom to concentrate on what matters most: making that cash register go cha-ching! Ready to move forward? The next step is to use your signatures and codes to find work. … [Read more...]

Visibility 101: Becoming A Government Contractor

Last week, we talked about a few of the first steps to becoming a government contractor. As we mentioned, it all begins with making yourself visible. Patience, time and dedication are necessary to navigate the steps required, so get ready for the preparation work. Don’t skip over the vital step of strengthening your online presence. It’s a hefty list of tasks to complete, but important if you … [Read more...]

Business Down? The One Solution You Never Dreamed Of

Many of us would never consider doing business with the very entity we think is costing us more money. Or is it? While, the government has always been under numerous investigations and suffered public scrutiny as a result, it presents some very interesting and profitable opportunities for businesses willing to put up with a few irritations. As reported in the New York Times and in conjunction … [Read more...]