Case Study – I Want to Open My Own Clothing Boutique in Cincinnati

Situation: A successful young woman in Cincinnati Ohio wants to put corporate America behind her and open her own Women's Clothing and Accessories Boutique. Recent life events have made it clear to her that waiting to begin her life’s dream was not a good idea. Given the current economy, there are a lot of considerations that need to be examined when making the decision to start a retail … [Read more...]

OJT Program To Benefit Small Businesses In Cincinnati: They Pay, You Win?

We're always on the hunt for fantastic resources for you, small business owner. So as you chug along in 2012, you're thinking about hiring an employee, perhaps even your first one. But you can't imagine the cost and time it would require for you to find exactly what you need. The biggest costs to hiring a new employee are time invested in finding that perfect fit and training. And for the … [Read more...]

Using Tablets For A Small Business: Is It Worth It?

  In terms of using today’s technology to simplify our lives, integrate our communication and grow our small business, the application of these tools directly correlates to our success. As any small business owner or entrepreneur knows, sometimes the bulk of our day is spent doing administrative tasks. Note-taking, invoicing, organizing, bookkeeping, responding to emails and managing our … [Read more...]

What Small Businesses Should Know About Customer Needs In 2012

As all small business owners (27 million of us) leave the foolish choices of our past behind, we look forward to the future of launching new ideas, promising profitability and finally enjoying the fruits of our labor. But as any small business owner knows, each year involves the most changes, challenges and setbacks than most of us would like to admit. We know it's not the low points that define … [Read more...]