The Technology of my Runme has Changed My Life

runningI never thought I would ever buy an electronic gadget that would record my steps or heart rate. I did however receive one for my birthday, and it has actually changed my life.

I have been doing strength training for the last 5 years which has changed my health and allowed me to have a better and more healthy life. What I did not know was the positive effects it was having on my sleep, my heart rate, and my metabolism.

A good night’s sleep is paramount to good business. This “I will sleep when am dead” attitude sounds amusing, but it will not allow you to be a top producer nor business owner. The other thing I never measured was how much deep sleep I was getting. This is the area of sleep that actually restores your brain and allows you to function at a higher level. Rapid Eye Movement is the measure of sleep, and my Runme tracks this by measuring my heart rate. I am getting between 2.5 to 3.5 hours of deep (REM) sleep, which allows me to be functional the next day. When my sleep is interrupted, I only get 1.5 to 2 hours of deep sleep, and I am off my game the next day.

Being able to track my heart rate has also allowed me to know how I should exercise during the day. I am averaging around 72 beats per minute (BPM). For my age that is great. I also know that if I am moving about I should quicken my pace to get my heart up to 90 BPM for the exercise it will give me. If you see me scooting quickly around the grocery store now you know why. We as people can really help ourselves with our fitness just by doing a few simple tasks like taking one set of stairs up or two sets of stairs down instead of the elevator. And now I can track that which helps me to be more cognizant of my activity level.

Your metabolism is what burns (or does not burn) calories in your body. Most people think it is to burn fat cells, but this is not the case. Metabolism actually refers to the sum of all chemical reactions that occur in our bodies. While it will burn “fat” it also is converting other enzymes, food, and waste products our cells generate. By increasing my metabolism, I have increased my body’s ability to metabolize everything better. This does not mean I can eat more. It means that the food I do eat is processed into more muscle, the oxygen I take in is used at a higher efficiency rate, and waste is eliminated at an increased rate. I am explaining this in very simple terms. My point is that I now have proof that I am actually helping my health, compliments of the digital contraption that keeps track of my activities.

I was very skeptical about the Fit Bit craze and thought it was just a fad. Now I know better, and this digital everything age does actually have some benefits. Even for curmudgeons. What digital gadgets have changed your life for the better?


  1. Allison Chaney says:

    I’m fascinated by how gadgets like Runme and Fitbit have made us so aware of sleep patterns. It’s great to hear how this has changed your life in a positive way!

    • Thanks Allison. I am looking for usable technology that will enable me to improve my health and help me to understand how I need to treat myself. I can tell a huge difference in my daily energy level when I can achieve 4 hours of deep sleep.

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