The Economy in Christmas Lights

It has been another year of next to no jobs created, more jobs lost, and more taxes proposed to fix the mess in DC. Closer to home, it has been another year where hope just does not seem to be in abundance with a lot of the people I know.

One of the things I always enjoyed about the Christmas season is that people felt good. People were gentler with each other. People would hold open doors, say hi to strangers, and not growl at the waitress when the kitchen got an order wrong. And houses got all lit up with all different kinds of lights and decorations.

Not this year.

Most of the houses on my street do not have any lights outside their homes. A few do not have trees inside visible from the road. Neighbors are hunkered down like they all expect the enemy to come storming in over their threshold any minute now.

And the fear is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

This season it is more important than ever for everyone to go out of their way to bring some type of kindness into other’s lives. A gentle word, a good morning to a stranger, or a letting the car out of the parking lot as you hurry down that crowded street at rush hour.

Christmas is a time of hope, peace, and remembrance for most of us regardless of religious preferences. My hope for you is that you and your family experience the hope and peace of the season, and that this year is remembered with warmth and not cold.

My lights are up, and it is a joyful event when I come home and see them. I wish my entire block was like this. For the other families.