The top three questions ASBC is being asked by business people.


Let’s face it. Business as we know it is changing and there is little we can do to address the threats outside of our control. What is a business owner or employee to do about all of this? Here are the top three questions I have been asked this past month:

1. Should I be worried about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) even though I only have 6 employees?
2. I have 12 W-2 employees and 66 1099 employees. What are my options to address the ACA requirements?
3. My client count is low and getting lower. How can I find more clients?


1. The full effect of the ACA will be felt by all of us on January 1, 2014. It is coming and we need to be prepared for it.
2. About 80% of the business owners I know are putting their head in the sand (think ostrich approach) as it applies to the ACA. They are using the “I will address this when I get caught” approach.
3. Our economy is in a recovery mode. Our spending on non essentials is stagnant or in most cases decreasing.
4. Business is still being accomplished.


As you might think there is no one solution to these situations.

The answer to the first question is that yes everyone, employee, business owner, school student, and retired individuals will all be affected by ACA. Deductibles are being capped at 2000 for individuals and 4000 for families. The amount an employee pays for their part of the health care premium is capped at 9.5% of salary. Hours of employment for part time workers is being capped at 30 per week. All of these items will reduce the take home pay of all employees who are hourly. Business owners will have to think long and hard about continuing employee health care plans.

For the firm that has the 66 1099 employees I suggested he ask all of the 1099 employees to open their own businesses which American Small Business Centers will help all of them accomplish. That way he is not hiring employees directly, he is sub-contracting to a business. This will relieve the business owner from the requirements of including the 66 1099 employees in his employee count and allows the current contract employees to work more than 39 hours a week.

Finally, all businesses are experiencing a lower engagement with their client community. I suggest that the marketing team of any company take full advantage of the free marketing tools afforded to them with proper use of social media. Taking care of your own social media marketing is a bit like pulling your own tooth. It is painful and the result is very messy. Engage a professional to set up the basics of what you need and then watch your analytics to see what works and what does not work. There are many very economical social media marketing professionals out there that will make a huge difference in how effectively you reach your client market. Need a reference? Just ask ASBC!

At ASBC we are constantly working with our clients to get them through the upcoming crisis we all will be facing in 2014. Leading economists are predicting a very steep fall in corporate profits, disposable income, and employment as the full effect of the ACA gets felt in early 2014.

Do not get caught short by this train wreck for yourself, your family, or your business. Make an appointment today to look at your options and decide on a path.

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