TKO – Episode 1 – The Empty Wives Club

What exactly is The Empty Wives Club? This podcast discussion between Tom Lunney and Karen Oehm (below) will explain in great detail what this term means. Karen used to be a member of this club. She invented this term as she was going through her divorce and living in the Little Blue House (future podcast) by herself and for the first time in a long time not shaking. It is not unusual for women in marriages to try and fill their emotional needs with large houses, financial security, dinners out, fancy automobiles, and other external material items. Karen realizes that she is not the only member of the Empty Wives Club. She understands there are probably millions of women who belong to this, and they do not even know it.

Karen explores the things in her life that were contributing to the feeling like a “shell of a person”. The VENM (Verbal, Emotional, Non-verbal, Mental) abuse was severe, and she was unaware of VENM, another term Karen came up with (and a future podcast), until she was 42 years old. As she became more aware of the abuse she also became more aware of her self talk and internal dialogue she was using with herself. If no one else was around to beat her up with words then she would do this herself. Karen also realizes that this doesn’t only affect women but men as well. Many men experience this and are silent about it, just as women are, so it really applies to both sexes, but Karen can only speak from a woman’s point of view, hence the Empty Wives Club.

Karen really opens herself up about her realization, her experiences, and wants to help other women that may be members of the Empty Wives Club. Please understand the courage it takes to discuss this openly and to expose her raw emotions, experiences, and perspective to you, our audience.

And now we present the first episode of the ASBC-TKO (Technical KnockOut) with Karen Oehm and Tom Lunney.

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