TKO – Episode 2 – VENM Abuse

VENM stands for Verbal, Emotional, Non-Verbal, Mental abuse. Karen explores the many ways that the power of words can be used to control, break down, or poison a person from the inside out. The longer you are in a relationship that has VENM in it, you even begin to think of yourself as deserving of this type of abuse. If no one is around to beat you up with their words, you end up doing it to yourself with your internal dialogue.

Tom talks with Karen to help her explain how she realized what she was going through and how she became aware of her internal words and the words of others. Tom points out that this is usually hooked to how you love yourself and is transmitted to those around you.

It is highly important and very emotional for Karen to want to make people aware of how VENM can scar your soul for life unless you “change your internal tapes.” She works with people every day in her counseling business to bring awareness to your surface so that you are aware of VENM. Karen maintains that once you are aware of words and the power they have over you that you can no longer ignore this new awareness. You will either choose to make a change, or not.

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