TKO – Episode 3 – The Little Blue House Part 1

littlebluehouseWhen Karen made the decision to move out of her marital home, she sought several options for a place to live. She had a very difficult time finding a place to go as she did not have any credit in her name, no savings of her own, nor even a friend she could live with as a transition place. She put out into the universe that she needed some place to go. She just wanted someone to give her a chance, which she finally got with the Little Blue House.

She felt such a sense of relief over not having to walk on eggshells any more. The most noticeable physical change was that she had stopped shaking. She use to shake uncontrollably all of the time, from the inside out. The shaking stopped in the Little Blue House.

As Karen was on her own, she felt an unstoppable need to write. Not for anyone or anything in particular, but just in order to get out all of the emotions that were inside her for so long. I have read these writings, and they are very raw. She has used those written emotions in her current life coaching business to aid her clients.

The power of words can either make someone or break someone. Negative is just a reaction and takes little effort. Positive requires thinking, some empathy, and effort. People are worth the effort.

And so we bring you part 1 of our podcast “The Little Blue House”.

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