TKO – Episode 4 – The Little Blue House Part 2

Little Blue HouseSeveral of our listeners asked questions about how Karen made her transition. In this podcast, Karen discusses what was actually going through her mind when she first got to the Little Blue House.

The main thing she felt was freedom. She felt freedom from oppression, from VENM, and from the need to walk on eggshells.

Karen’s current positive outlook on life, her ability to turn negatives into “what did I learn” life lessons, and how your friends will or will not support you make her into the complete woman she always knew she could be. Her “alone time” allowed her to focus on herself, what she wanted, her list of positives and negatives, and her new awareness.

Tom points out that Karen is a winner in the game of life. She used the Little Blue House as a launching point for her getting back to herself. She loves her life, she loves who she is now, and she loves having a positive outlook on and in her life. She is taking care of herself so that she can now take care of her family, friends, and others in a more productive and positive manner.


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